UB   FR 341 -  Fall 2016

French Film

 Topic this semester:   "Le crime ne paie pas", "Crime doesn't pay"

It is often said that French cinema does not follow the usual American Film ethics that demand that in a film narrative whoever is guilty of a crime of any type at the end of the movie should be punished. If it is true that often French film allows a likable character to escape his/her ethical fate, more than often French narratives respect the basic rule of "guilt=punishment"; it is, however, with a play of hand: the punishment does not always come from the crime itself but in an unexpected narrative twist , the guilty party is punished for a basic flaw that leads him/her into crime in the first place. All the stories that we will see this semester will visit the traditional French heroes of the crime/mystery genre: Fantomas, Arsene Lupin, Maigret, etc. as well as films by French classic directors: Truffaut, Godard, Melville, Malle, Besson, etc. This semester these narrative images of an ethical and cinematic quest will be the theme of our selection of films for this semester. 


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