The University at Buffalo (SUNY) in collaboration with the journal Formules (Paris) will host an international conference on “Urbanités Littéraires” / “Cityscapes/Literary Escapes.”
The goal of the conference is to study relations between writing and the urban environment, and specify interactive engagements between literature, architecture, and urbanism.  Principle aspects to be examined are:
--  Wandering
--  Windows/Doors/Entrances/Corridors
--  Utopia and Dream Cities
--  Streets/Boulevards/Avenues
--  Towns/Suburbs/Slums/Countrysides
-- Silos/Warehouses/Industrial Wasteland
-- Writing the City
--  Bridges/Arcades/Underground
The conference will take place September 10-12, 2009 at the University at Buffalo (
The top contributions from the conference will be published in issue no. 14 of the journal Formules (Journal of Formal Creation).  These will be chosen by the review committee and the editorial board of the journal.
Individual presentations should be 20 minutes or less with 10 minutes more for discussion.  Presentation proposals of 300 words or less, in French or in English, should be sent to the organizers by email by June 15, 2009.  All contributions (both French and English) may be sent to:
The organizing committee:  Laura Chiesa, Christina Milletti, Justin Read, Jean-Jacques Thomas